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Ko Nabukelevu te maunga.
Guest | Nalotu | 16 Jun 2021

The first time I saw this image I gasped. Not just because of the image, but the caption. This photo is taken in 1928, but I've seen the outline of this very island emerge from the pre-dawn light, on the midnight sailing from Suva.

My Dad was born in Nalotu, but moved to NZ in the early 1970s. We've been lucky enough to travel back a few times.
The one time I remember the most, I was living in London, and just him and I made it back.

I have this vivid memory, of sitting on the edge ...

Mauke Holiday
Mou Raea and family | Raumati Beach | 16 Jun 2021

The Mama in the pink is my Aunty Tungane. I think the photo is taken just outside her house. Me and my family stayed at her home in Mauke in 1989, just after Christmas.

We spent over a week on Mauke. I was brought up in Mauke and left when i was 10. It was a trip of a lifetime to show my young daughters where i grew up.

I took them to vai tango cave for a swim and showed them where i use to dive. I tested my daughter Trish if she could reach the bottom of the cave and to prove it to ...

Memories of Ipukarea
Carol and Mou Raea | Raumati Beach | 16 Jun 2021

This video reminds of my home in the Cook islands.

We use to eat the flowers of the Pegonia, it has a salty taste. My aunty Tangi who i use to live with, we use to pick the petals and eat it. We were supposed to be weeding the garden but end up eating the flower petals

Reminds me of my younger days having to go and weed the taro patch, and lay cover the taro patch with the dry coconut leaves.

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