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Avatiu Township
Connecting to Collections Workshop | USP Avarua | 8 Sep 2022

The Mountains in the back are Tuakata, Ikurangi and Tekou. I think the shop in the photo is of Pemberton Shop, where we use to go and buy our shoes. Next to this shop, use to be the Hoff family homestead. Near the harbour side, there use to be the Taripos farm, where they use to farm cows for milk and butter for the community. There is also a horse and cart in the image, and the roads are sandy. There is still the triangle, that still stands today.
The roof at the front of the image is the...

Te ariki Manauī
Richard Moyle | Mortlock Islands, | 29 Jan 2022

The present caption is incorrect. The photo is of a Nukumanu man called Manauī who drifted to Takū in Papua New Guinea (aka Mortlock Islands) in the late 1800s. He was adopted by the then paramount leader (te ariki) and later assumed the title of ariki. More details can be found here: Songs from the Second Float: A Musical Ethnography of Takū Atoll, Papua New Guinea, by Richard Moyle, pp.34-5 (University of Hawaii Press 2007). The photograph was taken around 1910 by Ernst Sarfert from a Germa...

Roberto Santos | Saipan, Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands | 2 Dec 2021

The Buddhist figure in this photo is known in Japan as "Kannon", a Bodhisattva of peace who, according to legend, put off her transition into eternal enlightenment in order to remain on Earth and help those who suffer. The Japanese engraving reads "Saipan Peace Kannon". The cliff rising behind the statue is Suicide Cliff, from which so many have flung themselves since the end of WWII, as recently as the previous year.

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