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    In the course of acquisition Duke obtained rights to these materials. As of 2019, the underlying works entered the public domain in some jurisdictions, but are still protected in others, including the United States. To encourage reuse and avoid doubt, Duke hereby waives any intellectual property rights it retains in these materials under the terms of the CC0 waiver. We encourage collaboration with publishers and others who wish to create works based on these materials. Please see here for additional information. 全部资料落户杜克大学图书馆的过程中,杜克获得了这些资料的版权。截至2019年,这批资料在某些司法管辖区内已经进入公有领域,但在包括美国在内的其他司法管辖区仍受到版权保护。为鼓励这些资料重新使用并避免版权方面的疑虑,杜克根据CC0豁免条款的规定放弃这批材料的任何知识产权。我们鼓励与出版商和其他希望根据这些材料创作作品的人合作。更多详情请参考这里。

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    Non-infringing use
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    Check about commercial use
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